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Introduction to Process Control

Instrumentation and process control can be traced back many millennia. Some of the early examples are the process of making fire and instruments using the sun and stars, such as Stonehenge. The evolution of instrumentation and process control has undergone several industrial revolutions leading to the complexities of modern day microprocessor-controlled processing. Today’s technological evolution has made it possible to measure parameters deemed impossible only a few years ago. Improvements in accuracy, tighter control, and waste reduction have also been achieved.

Refining, combining, handling, and otherwise manipulating fluids to profitably produce end products can be a precise, demanding, and potentially hazardous process. Small changes in a process can have a large impact on the end result. Variations in proportions, temperature, flow, turbulence, and many other factors must be carefully and consistently controlled to produce the desired end product with a minimum of raw materials and energy. PETROTEK’s number one priority is to provide process control technology solutions that enables manufacturers to keep their operations running within specified limits and to set more precise limits to maximize profitability, ensure quality and safety.


About Petrotek Sdn Bhd

Welcome to Petrotek Sdn Bhd! Thanks for taking the time to learn more about what it is that we do, and why we do it. Petrotek is world renowned for supplying the oil and gas, chemical manufacturing, beverage manufacturing, petrochemical refining, power generation and industrial water treatment industries with precision Process Measurement & Control Instrumentations and Instrumentation Valves & Fittings across Malaysia.

When it comes to the mission critical process instrumentations that your company uses, your main concern, and ours, is always going to be safety and reliability. Our business depends on the strong ties which we have with both our clients and our major suppliers. We work closely with industry leaders who specialize in the design and manufacture of pressure, temperature, & level instrumentations, and instrumentation valves & fittings from Europe, USA, and Korea; such as Baumer Bourdon, Rotork Fairchild, Rotork Midland, Soldo Controls, and IY-LOK. We believe in putting our client’s needs first!

Our team of professional engineers and staff work with strict quality control guidelines. We understand that your business goal of operational efficiency and the safety of your staff is of the highest importance. We want to work with all of our clients to grow their business and form long-lasting business relationships which will continue well into the future.

When you want high-quality Process Control Instrumentations and Precision Pneumatic Solutions, you know that Petrotek is your first choice. We are constantly striving to foster relationships across Malaysia and the world, delivering accurate products that maintain safety and deliver cost saving efficiency to every business we work with.

Petrotek Sdn Bhd is able to supply world class and high performance instrumentation and control products such as:

  • Precision Pressure Regulator
  • Precision Vacuum Regulator
  • High Pressure Regulator
  • Electro-pneumatic Transducers (I/P, E/P, M/P Pressure Transducers)
  • Pressure Transmitters
  • Pneumatic Volume Boosters
  • Pneumatic Relays
  • Pneumatic instrumentation
  • Instrumentation Equipments
  • Pressure Gauges
  • Differential Pressure Gauges
  • Pressure Switches
  • Temperature Switches
  • Bi Metal Thermometers
  • Thermowells
  • RTD (Resistance Temperature Detectors)
  • Instrument valves & fittings
  • Process Control Instrumentation
  • Instrumentation and Control Equipment
  • Rotary Limit Switch Boxes
  • Namur Accessories
  • Process Ball Valves
  • Instrument Valves & Fittings
  • Double Block Bleed Valves
  • Pressure Measurement and Control
  • Pressure Control Instrumentation
  • Pneumatic Control Equipment
  • Precision Pneumatic Ccontrol

To find out more about our products, and how we can help your business grow, don’t hesitate to check out our full range of Products Here. You can get in touch with one of our friendly and professional team members via the Contact Us Page.