Rotork Fairchild, a member of the Rotork Instruments Division, announces the introduction of the all-new Model 11 low pressure regulator. Available on a 1-to-2 week delivery, the Model 11 provides a reliable and highly accurate solution for very low pressure control applications.

Designed to handle the most challenging duties, typical applications include leak detection systems, tank blanketing, air and gas sampling systems, analytical equipment, soil sampling and test stands.

Available in a range of five sizes, the Model 11 features superior repeatability and sensitivity of 0.05 inches of water column (1.25mm WC) for ease of setting. Flow is critical for most applications and to meet this demand the Model 11 delivers a flow capacity of 24 SCFM (28 litres/second).

The Model 11 design incorporates a diaphragm diameter engineered for optimum performance within a compact package, offering an ideal solution when the overall envelope size must be minimised. Tamper-proof, screw or standard knob actuation alternatives provide versatility and ease of use. Nitrile or optional fluorocarbon elastomers enable the Model11 to work in any environment.


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