With the highest visibility indicators available,Jogler Magnetic Level Gauges are a safe, economical way to measure and control liquid levels in any application. They are suitable for high temperature and/or pressure, full vacuum, low-specific gravity liquids, and more. Jogler magnetic gauges can be used with vessels of almost any size and shape and with any process fluid.

Jogler Magnetic Level Gauges have three components:

  • Float Chamber
  • Internal Magnetic Float
  • External Magnetic Indicator


The float chamber is made of nonmagnetic material and is attached to the tank or vessel so that the liquid level inside the float chamber and host vessel is the same. Float chambers are available in a wide range of materials and styles.


The magnetic float, inside the float chamber, is engineered to the specific gravity of the process fluid, so that it floats on the surface of the liquid. It contains a series of powerful magnets that actuate the external level indicator. All floats have 360-degree rotating magnetic fields.


The hermetically sealed indicator unit, which is mounted on the outside of the Gauge, contains a magnetic indicator that interlocks magnetically with the float inside the chamber. As the float moves up and down with the liquid level, the magnetic indicator element tracks the changes in level. An external scale, mounted on the indicator unit, permits quick determination of liquid level.

There are three styles of indicators: the single tracker, the standard flag, and the wide bar graph. All indicators styles provide the highest visibility of any indicator on the market and are available in a 316SS or anodized aluminum enclosure.


Single-section Jogler magnetic level gauges are available in lengths up to 25 FT, so there are no staggered fittings or complex piping to contend with during installation, as with conventional multi-section gauges.


Jogler Magnetic Level Gauges accommodate for remote level monitoring and recording, as well as electronic and pneumatic for automated point level control.

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