Baumer News

10Sep 2018

Baumer’s DP100 diaphragm pressure gauge is a pressure measuring device specially designed for hygienic processes encountered in fields such as the production of pharmaceuticals and foods. Specially designed for hygienic processes in the fields of pharmaceutics and foodsWithout transfer fluid, thus no danger of pollutionAvailable with a wide range of hygienic standard connectionsHighly suitable for […]

30Aug 2018

  With the double adaptor ARID, Baumer enables the combination of their MEX5 safety pressure gauge and their PBSN pressure transmitter. Enables the combination of MEX5 pressure gauge and PBSN pressure transmitter For harsh and potentially hazardous industrial environments High process safety even in case of a power cut Very good price-performance ratio Both instruments […]

20Aug 2018

Il controllo di livello LFFS si basa sulla tecnologia innovativa di oscillazione di frequenza e può essere utilizzato per le applicazioni più difficili. Riconosce il livello di riempimento di liquidi, fluidi ad alta viscosità e materiali secchi o sostanze appiccicose. Anche ad elevate temperature di processo fino a 200°C l’interruttore di livello LFFS continua a […]

20Jul 2018

Friday, 18. February 2011 The new standard version of Baumer’s LBFS level switch is made from AISI 304 or 316 stainless steel and comes with a PEEK sensor tip. In addition to this, Baumer now provides the LBFS with special G½ process connections for reverse assembly. These options broaden the field of possible applications of […]

10Jul 2018

Baumer’s safety pressure gauge MEP5 is specially designed for use in corrosive atmospheres and fluids. Designed for use in corrosive atmospheres and fluids Measuring ranges from -1…0 to 0…1600 bar Thermal drift ± 0,4 per cent for a variation of ±10°C With protection class IP67, S3 Safety, and Lloyd’s Register Approval The gauge has a […]

10Jul 2018

Monday, 15. February 2010 With the PBSN product, Baumer is introducing a new general purpose pressure transmitter series. Thanks to their modularity, the devices offer a high level of flexibility to suit customers’ exact application needs. The sensor, which is based on Transbar technology with a thick film ceramic measuring cell, is also suitable for […]

30Jun 2018

Published on Apr 24, 2014 More than 160 years ago Eugene Bourdon patented his famous invention, the Bourdon tube. Over the years Bourdon’s measurement principle became very well accepted, and the name Bourdon established itself as a synonym for pressure gauges all over the world. Today many companies produce and sell manometers, but only Baumer […]

30May 2018

Wednesday, 27. October 2010 With the pressure transmitters PSMN and PSSN, Baumer offers compact submersible sensors for hydrostatic depth measurement. For measuring ranges up to 250 mH2O For media temperatures up to 80°C Compact design for use in 1-inch sounding pipes Seawater-resistant and ATEX versions available They are suitable in many level measurement applications in […]

20May 2018

Thursday, 2. December 2010 Baumer’s industrial pressure transmitter PBMN achieves maximum precision in measuring both low and high pressures by using different sensors. Maximum precision in measuring both low and high pressures Combined error of only < 0.4 % F.S. Highly resistant to vibration, shocks, and bumps Active temperature compensation within a range of -40..+85 […]