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10Jul 2018

Baumer’s safety pressure gauge MEP5 is specially designed for use in corrosive atmospheres and fluids. Designed for use in corrosive atmospheres and fluids Measuring ranges from -1…0 to 0…1600 bar Thermal drift ± 0,4 per cent for a variation of ±10°C With protection class IP67, S3 Safety, and Lloyd’s Register Approval The gauge has a […]

10Jul 2018

Monday, 15. February 2010 With the PBSN product, Baumer is introducing a new general purpose pressure transmitter series. Thanks to their modularity, the devices offer a high level of flexibility to suit customers’ exact application needs. The sensor, which is based on Transbar technology with a thick film ceramic measuring cell, is also suitable for […]

30Jun 2018

Published on Apr 24, 2014 More than 160 years ago Eugene Bourdon patented his famous invention, the Bourdon tube. Over the years Bourdon’s measurement principle became very well accepted, and the name Bourdon established itself as a synonym for pressure gauges all over the world. Today many companies produce and sell manometers, but only Baumer […]

30May 2018

Wednesday, 27. October 2010 With the pressure transmitters PSMN and PSSN, Baumer offers compact submersible sensors for hydrostatic depth measurement. For measuring ranges up to 250 mH2O For media temperatures up to 80°C Compact design for use in 1-inch sounding pipes Seawater-resistant and ATEX versions available They are suitable in many level measurement applications in […]

20May 2018

Thursday, 2. December 2010 Baumer’s industrial pressure transmitter PBMN achieves maximum precision in measuring both low and high pressures by using different sensors. Maximum precision in measuring both low and high pressures Combined error of only < 0.4 % F.S. Highly resistant to vibration, shocks, and bumps Active temperature compensation within a range of -40..+85 […]

10May 2018

Thursday, 1. December 2011 Baumer’s pressure transmitter PBMN features a flush connection available in several standard dimensions such as G½ and G1. Highly resistant to a wide range of media No residues of the measured medium inside the process connection Can be used in media temperatures up to 150 °C using a cooling neck Especially […]

30Apr 2018

Thursday, 31. March 2011 Baumer’s PBSN general purpose pressure transmitter series can now be used in media temperatures up to 150°C. This is made possible by means of a cooling neck. For media temperatures up to 150°C With thick film ceramic measuring cell for applications with aggressive media For gauge and absolute pressures between -1..0 […]

20Apr 2018

Monday, 18. April 2011 Baumer’s industrial pressure gauge MEX5 is specially designed for use in corrosive atmospheres and fluids. For use in corrosive atmospheres and fluids For media temperatures up to 200°C Highly resistant to vibrations thanks to special dashpot Lloyd’s Register, ATEX and GOST approvals The gauge with its diameter of 100 mm comes […]

10Apr 2018

Tuesday, 10. May 2011 Baumer’s DP100 diaphragm pressure gauge is a pressure measuring device specially designed for hygienic processes encountered in fields such as the production of pharmaceuticals and foods. Specially designed for hygienic processes in the fields of pharmaceutics and foods Without transfer fluid, thus no danger of pollution Available with a wide range […]

30Mar 2018

Tuesday, 1. April 2014 With the new PBM4 pressure transmitter, Baumer rounds out its portfolio for hydraulic applications and also offers an attractively priced solution for hydraulic applications. The PBM4 has a multitude of uses in manufacturing plant automation or vehicle and machinery production. This compact, robust pressure transmitter also displays its strengths in harsh […]

20Mar 2018

Tuesday, 23. September 2008 With the TB-Fix, Baumer’s product segment Process Instrumentation offers a clamp-on bimetal thermometer suitable for temperature measurements of liquids and gases in insulated pipes with maximal 2 inches diameter. The thermometer is especially suitable for heating, ventilation and air-condition. It is able to measure a temperature range from –20°C to up […]