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30Apr 2018

Thursday, 31. March 2011 Baumer’s PBSN general purpose pressure transmitter series can now be used in media temperatures up to 150°C. This is made possible by means of a cooling neck. For media temperatures up to 150°C With thick film ceramic measuring cell for applications with aggressive media For gauge and absolute pressures between -1..0 […]

20Apr 2018

Monday, 18. April 2011 Baumer’s industrial pressure gauge MEX5 is specially designed for use in corrosive atmospheres and fluids. For use in corrosive atmospheres and fluids For media temperatures up to 200°C Highly resistant to vibrations thanks to special dashpot Lloyd’s Register, ATEX and GOST approvals The gauge with its diameter of 100 mm comes […]

10Apr 2018

Tuesday, 10. May 2011 Baumer’s DP100 diaphragm pressure gauge is a pressure measuring device specially designed for hygienic processes encountered in fields such as the production of pharmaceuticals and foods. Specially designed for hygienic processes in the fields of pharmaceutics and foods Without transfer fluid, thus no danger of pollution Available with a wide range […]

30Mar 2018

Tuesday, 1. April 2014 With the new PBM4 pressure transmitter, Baumer rounds out its portfolio for hydraulic applications and also offers an attractively priced solution for hydraulic applications. The PBM4 has a multitude of uses in manufacturing plant automation or vehicle and machinery production. This compact, robust pressure transmitter also displays its strengths in harsh […]

20Mar 2018

Tuesday, 23. September 2008 With the TB-Fix, Baumer’s product segment Process Instrumentation offers a clamp-on bimetal thermometer suitable for temperature measurements of liquids and gases in insulated pipes with maximal 2 inches diameter. The thermometer is especially suitable for heating, ventilation and air-condition. It is able to measure a temperature range from –20°C to up […]

10Mar 2018

Wednesday, 3. June 2009 With the digital temperature switches of the ETTN-YTTN range, Baumer’s product segment Process Instrumentation offers robust measuring instruments for temperature control for industrial process management. The devices are made completely of stainless steel and are particularly suitable for the use in severe industrial environments. A special design with a clamp-on sensor […]

01Mar 2018

Wednesday, 3. June 2009 With the FlexTop series, Baumer’s product segment Process Instrumentation offers configurable temperature transmitters communicating either with a standard 4 to 20 mA output, a HART or a Profibus PA interface. The devices are suitable for the food and beverage industry, pharmaceutical and biological technologies, chemical and petrochemical industry as well as […]

24Feb 2018

With the Level Switch LBFS, Baumer Offers a Cost-Efficient and Reliable Alternative to Widely-Used Vibration Level Switches. Level switches Detect the level of liquid, viscous and dry substances Unaffected by flow, turbulence, bubbles, foam, and suspended solids like a magnetic level switch Short response time (0.2 sec.) enables fast filling processes much like a float […]

24Feb 2018

Friday, 1. October 2010 Baumer’s level switch LFFS is suitable for high process temperatures of up to 200 °C. Detects the level of liquids, viscous fluids and dry media DN38 process connection for hygienic food and beverage industry applications Suitable for high process temperatures of up to 200 °C (with cooling neck) Different ATEX versions […]

24Feb 2018

Friday, 19. August 2011  Baumer’s multi-purpose LBFS level switch is now available in three different ATEX configurations which enable safe level detection in explosive gaseous and dusty atmospheres, typically found in the chemical, pharmaceutical, or food industries. No additional Zener barrier required thanks to ready-for-use isolation module PROFSI3 LS Approval covers all ATEX zones with […]

24Feb 2018

Thursday, 6. September 2012 Baumer’s new CleverLevel LBFS/LFFS series level switch is a true all-rounder that offers numerous advantages and is more than just an alternative to traditional vibrating fork technology. The CleverLevel can be used for nearly all media, such as liquids and granulates, but also electrostatic media. And it is also unaffected by […]

24Feb 2018

Wednesday, 21. March 2012 Baumer is presenting at Anuga FoodTec 2012 with a selection of products from its broad portfolio for the food industry. Hygienic safety and optimized food production, processing, storage, filling and bottling processes are the requirements in this sector. Baumer sensors not only provide valuable support in many applications but also comply […]

24Feb 2018

Wednesday, 20. March 2013 Another award for CleverLevel: Baumer’s level switch is one of the winners of this year’s MessTec & Sensor Masters Award of the german publishing company GIT-Verlag. The CleverLevel has won a gratifying third place in the category “sensors” in a customer and reader survey. The CleverLevel series level switch is a […]

24Feb 2018

Monday, 15. April 2013 An overview of all Baumer sensors for the process industry is now available in a new product catalog. Baumer has put together a useful 60-page catalog of key information covering over 140 products—including pressure gauges and transmitters, force and strain sensors, temperature gauges, level sensors and corresponding accessories. Since Baumer offers […]

24Feb 2018

Tuesday, 5. March 2013 The combination of technology, functionality, creativity and user-friendly design of the CleverLevel LFFS level switch by Baumer offers true added value to users. This is also how the jury of the iF product design awards saw it, awarding the CleverLevel with the highly regarded international “IF product design award 2013”. For […]