Magnetostrictive Level Gauge

Magnetostrictive Level Gauge

With the Highest Visibility Indicators Available

Jogler Magnetostrictive Level Gauges are a safe, economical way to measure and control liquid levels in any application. They are suitable for high temperature and/or pressure, full vacuum, low-specific gravity liquids, and more. Jogler magnetic gauges can be used with vessels of almost any size and shape and with any process fluid.


Jogler Magnetostrictive Level Transmitter MGT-6000

Description :
Jogler’s MGT-6000 series liquid level transmitter is the latest development in magnetostrictive liquid level sensing technology that is designed exclusively for magnetic level indicators. The MGT-6000 contains a low profile waveguide that is mounted away from the level gage chamber. This design isolates the waveguide from excessive vibration and temperature. From enhanced sensor technology, the output signal is very sensitive, fast, stable and accurate. The MGT-6000 can be mounted and retrofitted to most magnetic liquid level indicators.

Jogler Magnetostrictive Level Transmitter

Bypass Chamber & Transmitter Combination
24 VDC nominal, two wire, loop powered
LCD display in 4-20 mA, in, cm, and/or percent