Pressure Regulators

 Petrotek’s Selection of Pressure Regulators

Pressure regulators are industrial devices that are manufactured and used to reduce or cut off the flow of gas or other fluids, as well as air. There is both automatic and manual pressure regulating devices available on the market today. However, automatic regulators in Malaysia have grown in popularity due to their ease of use in a variety of settings.

Petrotek offers a variety of regulators that may be of interest to you and your mechanical endeavors including precision, back, miniature, filter service, stainless steel, motorized, electronic vacuum, pneumatic instrument specialty regulations and more.

Our wide selection of pressure regulators that will satisfy your instrument or Fairchild industrial control applications. Pneumatic pressure regulators include:

1. precision regulators,

2. back pressure regulators,

3. miniature regulators,

4. filter service regulators,

5. stainless steel regulators,

6. motorized regulators,

7. electronic vacuum regulator,

8. pneumatic instrument specialty regulators.


What Type of Applications are They Used For?

Low-pressure gas regulators, high-pressure gas regulators, and every type of pressure regulating instruments in between can be used in a variety of applications. Petrotek offers gas regulators  that can be used to regulate and control gas based media such as compressed air, nitrogen gas, hydrogen gas, and natural gas, for any type of applications where precision control of gas pressure is required, as well as a number of applications in the oil & gas, petrochemical, food & beverage production, and other general industries.


What are Some of the Aspects of Popular Pressure Control Regulators?

At Petrotek, some of the most popular pressure reducing regulators include precision, back, miniature, filler service, stainless steel, motorized, electronic vacuum and more. Back pressure control regulators, for example, work to pressure control and relief is often used to prevent accidents in industrial-style applications. Miniature regulators offer a great deal of precision control with a small design and reliable performance. This type of regulator is often used in medical applications and in high-traffic industrial scenarios. Electronic vacuum regulators can be used in a variety of applications and ensure that low pressure and relief is maintained as necessary in light applications. Pneumatic regulators use air to control pressure in devices that are motorized. These include secondary classes of pressure regulators including low pressure and specialty regulators.