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Jogler Laser Level Transmitter

Jogler Laser Level Transmitter

Jogler’s LIDAR Level Transmitter is a non-contact, laser based instrument that measures the level in silos, tanks, hoppers, chutes and bunkers. With long measuring range, high accuracy and a narrow beam, the LLT-1000 can be used in many different applications to measure to different types of surface. The 4…20 mA and relay interfaces provide linear and switchpoint controls while the onboard USB interface provides access to comprehensive, user-friendly configuration settings. With an optional, visible aiming laser and numerous mounting flanges, the LLT-1000 is an easy to use, state of the art, level and position sensing solution.

Technology The LLT-1000 measures distance using time-of-flight, laser technology. This fast and accurate measuring principle offers numerous advantages over other methods. The narrow beam makes it easy to aim directly at the most critical point in the vessel; the long range permits unlimited stand-off distances when measuring into aggressive environments; the laser can measure through protective windows and sight glasses; the accuracy is not affected by atmospheric temperature or humidity; the high signal-to-noise ratio gives clean, reliable signals under any lighting conditions and when measuring to any color or granularity of surface.

Standard Features

  • Non-contact measurement of level or distance
  • Narrow beam and long range for accurate targeting
  • Local USB programmability allows for easy parameter changes
  • Visible aiming laser (optional)
  • Dual compartment housing
  • Numerous mounting options
  • General Purpose (FM and CSA pending)