BAUMER PBMH autoclavable

BAUMER PBMH autoclavable

Fully autoclavable pressure transmitter for common sterilisation processes
3-A and EHEDG certified (TriClamp 1 1/2")
Fully welded compact design

BAUMER PBMH autoclavable

Main Features

  • Fully autoclavable pressure sensor for common sterilization processes
  • High temperature resistance for SIP and CIP processes
  • Surface roughness of process connection ≤ 0.8 Ra for highest hygienic requirements
  • Fully welded and compact design for washdowns without residuals
  • Excellent active temperature compensation for increased process stability
  • Available with optional electropolished process connection for improved degree of purity
  • External programming of zero point and span with FlexProgrammer 9701


  • Health care
  • Biotechnology

Technical Data
Measuring range -1 ... 0 bar up to 0 ... 40 bar
Type of pressure Relative / Absolute
Sterilisation conditions Complete sensor with attached protective cover
Sterilisation temperature ≤ 140 °C
Ambient pressure during sterilisation process ≤ 3500 mbar


CE conformity EMC directive 2004/108/CE in accordance with EN 61000-6-2 & EN 61000-6-3