FAIRCHILD Precision Stainless Steel Fuel Control Regulator (M67)

Precision Stainless Steel Fuel Control Regulator (M67)

FAIRCHILD Precision Stainless Steel Fuel Control Regulator (M67)

Main Features

  • High Accuracy
  • Extremely Low Droop Under Flow
  • Full Corrosion Resistance for All Fuels and Mixtures
  • No Supply Pressure Effect
  • Allows Quick Fuel Changeover
  • Washdown and Internal Purge Capability


  • Tough and Durable
  • Designed for versatile testing applications
  • Balanced valve design for high precision control
  • Compensates downstream pressure droop under flow conditions
  • Switch between different fuels quickly and easily


The directly-controlled Model 67 stainless steel regulator precisely controls fuel pressures in ranges from minus 6 to 60 psi. The large diaphragm actuator with directlycontrolled valve gives excellent response characteristics with very low hysteresis. High precision control is achieved by its forcebalanced valve, with a newly developed patented smooth running seal system. Specially developed for the high precision and reliability requirements of modern engine test equipment, the M67 is suitable for all fuels such as gasoline, diesel, biodiesel (RME), aviation fuel, methanol,ethanol, petrol mixtures E5 to E100 and diesel mixtures B5 to B100.

Max Supply Pressure 150 psig [10 BAR]
Max Output Pressure 45 psig [3 BAR]
Flow Capacity 48 SCFH (1200 kg/hr)
Accuracy -