Level Switches

Level Switches are a type of Level Gauge sensors with an electrical contact output at a specific liquid, powder or bulk level.

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Here at Petrotek, we offer the best quality of level switches. Our rugged, Industrial switches are specially designed for the resourcefulness of applications. With our stainless-steel switching mechanism, we assure a 100% no brass or aluminum. Aside from that, all devices are capable of high pressure and have a reliability switching mechanism for all types of applications.

Petrotek’s products are engineered to meet all your specifications. Choose from our wide selections – horizontal or vertical, sealed chambers or flanged and displacer level control switches or float. They are time-tested in the field:

Magnetic Level Switch

Description :
The Jogler JS-10/JS-30 Series switches are magnetically actuated point level switches.
The JS-10 (1 amp) and JS-30 (3 amp) can be configured as a SPDT or DPDT and are available in a
“flying lead” configuration (no enclosure), an epoxy-coated Aluminum enclosure, or a 316
stainless steel enclosure. The JS-10 is a low power switch best suited for DCS or PLC inputs.
The JS-30 is a high power switch used to actuate larger relays and solenoid valves. The JS-10/JS-30 switches re non-intrusive level switches
that require no contact with the process fluid and have no wetted parts.

BAUMER Conductive Level Sensor (LSK x5x)

Pump controls
Food and beverage industry
from -20 to 140 °C

BAUMER Conductive Level Sensor (LSK x2x)

Pump controls
Food and beverage industry
from -20 to 140 °C

BAUMER Potentiometric Level Transmitter (LSP 05X)

Fast response time < 10ms
Insensitive to foam, bubbles and sticky media
Top-, bottom- or side mounting
Approval: 3A

Model JS Point level Switches


BAUMER CleverLevel Point Level Sensor (LFFS)

Eye-catching housing with enhanced 360 Degree status visibility
Industrial and hygienic applications
-40…200°C process temperature
3-A, EHEDG, FDA, Atex, WHG, cULus certifications
Differentiation between two very similar medias

BAUMER CleverLevel Point Level Sensor (LBFS)

Industrial and hygienic applications
-40…200°C process temperature
3-A, EHEDG, FDA, marine, Atex, WHG, cULus certifications
Media separation

BAUMER CleverLevel Hygienic Point Level Sensor (LBFH)

Hygienic applications
Certified to 3A, EHEDG and FDA standards
Foam detection
The solution for adhering media

BAUMER CleverLevel Point Level Sensor (LBFI)

Industrial applications
On-site configuration by qTeach®
LED status indicator visible from all around
Compact and robust



Stainless Steel Switches – Designed For Long Life

Designed to meet all your needs, Petrotek provides a variety of high quality products.  Our wide selections – horizontal or vertical, sealed chambers or flanged and displacer type switches or float. They are time-tested in the field:

  • Made of all durable materials (ASTM)
  • SIL1 and two certified
  • Stainless steel construction – exotic materials
  • Performs well in the harsh environment
  • Excellent corrosion resistance

Choose your desired switches from Petrotek now. We provide fast delivery services. Our sales representatives will provide you with prompt service.

Our Range of Level Switch Variations

Our level control switches can be used in different applications. So, whatever industry you may belong to, when you need reliable and durable level switches, Petrotek is here for you.

Are you facing inaccurate readings because something is sticking to the vibrating fork? We are proud to present to you the Baumer Clever Level which can reliably differentiate all types of medium including sticky, pasty, and viscous media. Thanks to its frequency deviation technology, the Clever Level can be used with almost any media and is unaffected by adhesive substances or foams, which can lead to switching errors with other technologies. For the user this means extreme reliability and a wide variety of level measurement options.

In case you need magnetic point switches which can be mounted on the chamber of your existing level gauge chamber. This makes the decision of the purchase a wise investment where you are certain that it’s worth it

For those who can’t find the exact level switch they’re looking for their engineering projects,  our team can assist you in selecting the one that will surely fit your needs.

With Petrotek, the choice is yours whether it is complete metal or plastic, horizontally or vertically mounted level switch, giving you the opportunity to exactly find the level switch you are looking for.

A Leading Supplier of Level Switches 

Petrotek are the experts behind the high quality of level measurement devices. These products are an essential part of any process-controlled application. It helps you determine the multiple levels and single fluid levels. As one of the leading suppliers of a large range of products, we can provide you with a variety of materials such as alloy, stainless steel or plastic and a wide selection of engineering applications.

If you can’t find the specific switch that matches your project, we can provide you with the custom designed switch that will match your engineering project. Get in touch with us today. We are always ready to deliver you with not just products, but also the right guidance and advice you need.