Magnetic Level Switch

Magnetic Level Switch

Description :
The Jogler JS-10/JS-30 Series switches are magnetically actuated point level switches.
The JS-10 (1 amp) and JS-30 (3 amp) can be configured as a SPDT or DPDT and are available in a
“flying lead” configuration (no enclosure), an epoxy-coated Aluminum enclosure, or a 316
stainless steel enclosure. The JS-10 is a low power switch best suited for DCS or PLC inputs.
The JS-30 is a high power switch used to actuate larger relays and solenoid valves. The JS-10/JS-30 switches re non-intrusive level switches
that require no contact with the process fluid and have no wetted parts.

Magnetic Level Switch



– Magnetically actuated, hermetically sealed, bi-stable latching switch.

-No process piping or valves required.

-Easy mountingwith infinitely adjustible setpoint.

-Hermetically sealed magnetic reed switch.

-Latching bias magnet maintains state in high-vibration environments.

-Availablewith flying leads (no enclosure), Epoxy-coated Aluminum enclosure, or a Stainless Steel Enclosure.

-Extended operation in extreme environments.