FAIRCHILD Lower Pressure Selector Relay (M90)

Lower Pressure Selector Relay (M90)

FAIRCHILD Lower Pressure Selector Relay (M90)

Main Features

  • Small, rugged design.
  • Soft seat construction.
  • Low selection differential.
  • Fast response.
  • Automatic switching.


  • Suitable for installation where space is limited.
  • Assures positive shutoff.
  • Allow precise control of switching function.
  • Well suited for control in critical loops.
  • Eliminates manual monitoring of signal pressure.

The Model 90 Low Pressure Selector Relay is designed to select the lower of two signal pressures to provide a continuous output pressure to a control device. The Model 90 is recommended for dead end or low flow service in critical applications such as control loops requiring precise, automatic monitoring of signal pressures.

Max Supply Pressure: 200 psig [14 BAR]
Max Output Pressure: 100 psig [7 BAR]