• BAUMER BOURDON Industrial Temperature Switch (RTN)
  • BAUMER BOURDON Industrial Switches Malaysia (RTN)

BAUMER BOURDON Industrial Temperature Switch (RTN)

Standard temperature switch
Adjustable setpoint(s) and deadband
Measuring ranges: -40...+350°C
Stem 14mm (rigid or with capillary)

BAUMER BOURDON Industrial Temperature Switch (RTN)

Main Features

  • Excellent repeatability
  • Fix dead band for control and alarm
  • Dead band adjustment for regulation


  • Power generation safety equipment

Technical Data
Temperature range -46 ... 0 °C to 40 ... 120 °C
Process connection RTA: Copper alloy / RTN: Stainless steel 1.4404 (316L)
Electrical connection Terminal block with plastic cable gland for Ø 7 to 10.5 mm

Customer specific set point adjustment Code SETP
Stainless steel tag plate and wire Code 9941
Lead seal of the adjustment screws Code 8990
Nuclear cleanliness (RTN only) Code 0838
Electrical connection: stainless steel connector (Souriau) Code 2298
Mobile plug for stainless steel connector (Souriau) Code 2249