Weld Fittings

products available:
-Tube Butt Weld Fittings
-Tube Socket Weld Fittings
-Pipe Butt Weld Fittings
-Pipe Socket Weld Fittings
-Weld Adapters
-Pipe to Weld Fittings

 6 Series Weld Fittings


316 stainless steel is standard material.

Other materials are available upon request. Straight fittings are manufactured from quality bar stock.

Shaped fittings are made from forging. Radius junction design with elbows provides smooth flow path.

All fittings are cleaned to remove oil, grease and loose particles.

Every fitting is stamped with size, material and heat code.

Quality machining of all ports ensures consistent welding.

Comply with ISO 7-1, EN 10226-1, BS 21, DIN 2999, JIS B0203.