Baumer Products

“We deliver innovation and guarantee quality. In all fields. Using all technologies.”

The Baumer Group is one of the worldwide leading manufacturers of sensors, encoders, measuring instruments and components for automated image-processing. As an owner-managed family business, we employ about 2300 workers worldwide in 38 subsidiaries and 19 countries.

Our customers include small, highly specialized plant and machine construction companies, large industrial enterprises and groups of companies operating at global level. The best in their field. In Europe and throughout the world. For over 60 years.

Some Baumer Products we carry

BAUMER BOURDON D4xx Diaphragm Seal with Compact Process Flange

Flange seal, diaphragm not flush
0…160 mbar to 0…420 bar
Flange connection according to EN 1759-1, ASME B16.5, EN1092-1
Stainless steel and exotic materials
Option: Cleaning ring

BAUMER TER8 Front-flush and Low-invasive Resistance Thermometers

Hygienic RTD temperature sensor
3A conform without elastomers
Flush installation or with immersion sleeve
Very fast response time
Pt100 or 4…20 mA output

BAUMER BOURDON MMX1 Industrial Pressure Gauge

Nominal size: 40 mm
Approval: ATEX II2GDc-IM2c
„For corrosive gases and liquids
„„Fully welded process connection

BAUMER BOURDON DAVA Hygienic Varivent® Diaphragm Seal

Clamp connection according to DIN 32676 or ISO 2852
0…1 bar to 0…40 bar
Stainless steel or Hastelloy

BAUMER BOURDON MMN5 / MEP5 Solid Front Safety Pressure Gauge

Nominal size: 100 mm
Approval: ATEX II2GDc-IM2c, Lloyd's Register, Gost
For corrosive atmospheres and fluids
Long term reliability
Safety version S3 according to EN837-1

BAUMER BOURDON 1520 In-line Diaphragm Seal SMS 1146

In line seals for hygienic applications
Threaded connection according to SMS 1146
0…1,6 bar to 0…40 bar
No dead volume
Stainless steel