Baumer Products

“We deliver innovation and guarantee quality. In all fields. Using all technologies.”

The Baumer Group is one of the worldwide leading manufacturers of sensors, encoders, measuring instruments and components for automated image-processing. As an owner-managed family business, we employ about 2300 workers worldwide in 38 subsidiaries and 19 countries.

Our customers include small, highly specialized plant and machine construction companies, large industrial enterprises and groups of companies operating at global level. The best in their field. In Europe and throughout the world. For over 60 years.

Some Baumer Products we carry

BAUMER PBMN Industrial High Pressure

Industrial pressure transmitter
Excellent temperature charateristics
Robust stainless steel housing
Fully welded design

BAUMER BOURDON MAT5 Steel Case and Bezelring Pressure Gauges

Nominal size: 100 mm
Measuring range: 1... 0 to 0... 400 bar
Conform to EN 837-1 standard
Pressure Directive PED 97/23/CE

BAUMER CleverLevel Hygienic Point Level Sensor (LBFH)

Hygienic applications
Certified to 3A, EHEDG and FDA standards
Foam detection
The solution for adhering media

BAUMER BOURDON MPG6-MPJ6-MPE6-MPF6 Process Pressure Gauge

Nominal size: 130 mm (4.5")
Approval: Gost
For corrosive gases and liquids
With or without damping fluid

BAUMER BOURDON MTA5 Industrial Capsule Pressure Gauge

Nominal size: 100 mm
Measuring ranges: 0 ... 16 mbar to 0 ... 600 mbar
Low pressure measurements
for clean and non-corrosive gases

BAUMER BOURDON Gas Filled Thermometer with Capillary (TSF Series)

Gas filled thermometer
∅ 63...250 mm
-200...+800 °C
Remote measurement