Wednesday, 21. March 2012

Baumer is presenting at Anuga FoodTec 2012 with a selection of products from its broad portfolio for the food industry. Hygienic safety and optimized food production, processing, storage, filling and bottling processes are the requirements in this sector.

Baumer sensors not only provide valuable support in many applications but also comply with the relevant  industrial guidelines for hygiene, including FDA and EHEDG guidelines, as well as special CIP and SIP process requirements with regard to materials, surface quality, process stability and connection technology. Hygienic design means all products feature smooth, continuous or sealed surfaces, corrosion-resistant materials as well as flush and hygienic connections. The unique Baumer tightness concept proTect+ offers added customer benefit. This feature ensures that the sensors comply with protection class IP 68/IP 69K even after many temperature cycles.

The list of possible applications is long: Baumer instruments perform pressure, temperature and level measurement tasks during food processing with maximum precision. Baumer offers reliable aids like high-performance sensors, encoders and cameras for food packaging, filling, storage or quality control. Baumer sensors with a hygienic design are reliable components which decisively support product quality and process stability.

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