The Baumer CleverLevel LFFS level switch has received another international design prize. The Japan Institute of Design Promotion has recognized the CleverLevel’s combination of functionality and creative design and awarded it this year’s “Good Design Award.”

Approximately 90% of the over 1,000 award-winning designs listed from numerous industries are Japanese. Baumer is the only Swiss manufacturer to have a product placed among the winners of the prize, which has been awarded since 1957.

For this honor, the jury in Tokyo not only evaluated the design, but also the product’s applicability and usefulness. Given these criteria, the CleverLevel was impressive. On the top of the level switch’s polished stainless steel housing are recesses which provide for a 360 degree view of the integrated blue LED output indicator. These recesses are designed to prevent adhesion of fluids and the level switch is certified for hygienic applications.

All in all, the CleverLevel represents more than simply an alternative to conventional vibrating fork technology. Thanks to its frequency deviation technology, the CleveLevel can be used with almost any media and is unaffected by adhesive substances or foams, which can lead to switching errors with other technologies. For the user this means extreme reliability and a wide variety of level measurement options.

The CleverLevel will be displayed at the “Good Design Exhibition 2013” in Tokyo Midtown from October 30 until November 4, 2013.


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