Wednesday, 20. March 2013

Another award for CleverLevel: Baumer’s level switch is one of the winners of this year’s MessTec & Sensor Masters Award of the german publishing company GIT-Verlag. The CleverLevel has won a gratifying third place in the category “sensors” in a customer and reader survey.

The CleverLevel series level switch is a true “all-rounder” and is more than just an alternative to conventional vibrating fork technology. The sensor is suitable for all types of media. Its short response time facilitates precise and reliable level control. “And it can do so regardless of whether the media is bulk goods, foams or liquids or whether it is sticky, pasty or has a high or low viscosity”, states Christian Adolph, Head of Group Marketing at Baumer, who also accepted the award at the exhibition MessTec & Sensor Masters in Stuttgart (Germany).

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