Tuesday, 5. March 2013
The combination of technology, functionality, creativity and user-friendly design of the CleverLevel LFFS level switch by Baumer offers true added value to users. This is also how the jury of the iF product design awards saw it, awarding the CleverLevel with the highly regarded international “IF product design award 2013”.

For 60 years, the iF product design award has been an internationally recognized hallmark for exceptional design. The iF trademark has long established itself internationally as a symbol for outstanding achievements in design. The iF design award reflects the current trends in design and the economic viability of well-designed products.

The jury applies a large number of evaluation criteria to make its decision. In addition to design quality, processing and material selection, they also look at the level of innovation, functionality or envisioned use. CleverLevel convinced in all of these criteria. For instance, the top of the level switch housing is made of polished stainless steel with user-friendly recesses that provide a 360 degree view of the integrated blue LED output indicator. The refined recesses are designed to prevent the adherence and collection of fluids, and the level switch is certified for hygienic applications.

“With CleverLevel, we have raised the bar in the area of filling level monitoring. This award is proof that we successfully merged high-tech features with user-friendly design,” said Christian Adolph, head of Group Marketing at Baumer.
The CleverLevel series level switch is a true “all-rounder” and is more than just an alternative to conventional vibrating fork technology. Baumer has utilized frequency deviation technology in the CleverLevel. This method capitalizes on the fact that every material, regardless of its consistency, has a dielectric constant specific to that medium, i.e. a particular permeability for electrical fields. The CleverLevel can therefore be used for nearly all types of media. And it is also unaffected by adhesive substances or foams that could cause other technologies to have switching errors. For users, this not only means the utmost reliability, but also a wide variety of level measurement options.

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