Wednesday, 22. October 2008
  • Sensing elements made of stainless steel, AISI 316L, or Monel 400
  • Polypropylene or phenolic cases
  • Solid front, laminated safety glass window and a blow-out back
  • For extreme environmental conditions in the oil producing industry

For the use under difficult conditions on oil fields and in refineries, Baumer’s product segment Process Instrumentation has developed a range of special safety pressure gauges. Sensing elements made of stainless steel or Monel as well as polypropylene or phenolic cases reliably protect the devices against aggressive substances.

In the oil producing industry, pressure measuring devices are exposed to extreme environmental conditions like crude oil infused with seawater or different gases. Baumer’s MPG and MPE series with polypropylene or phenolic cases and sensing elements made of stainless steel 316L are suitable for applications with crude oil and seawater. However, some processes produce hydrogen sulphide, an extremely corrosive gas corroding even stainless steel sensors. Therefore, the sensors of the ranges MPJ and MPF are equipped with a sensing element made of Monel, according to the NACE standard requirements for applications in the oil industry.

Due to the usually very high pressure during oil production and processing, the devices provide a solid front and a blow-out back offering a maximum of security. The watertight instruments can be filled with dampening liquid. A special compensation diaphragm guarantees constant high accuracy even with filled devices.

In comparison to oil fields, the environment is less polluted in refineries. Mounted in a stainless steel case and available with sensing elements made of stainless steel 316L or Monel, the series MEX5 and MEP5 are suitable pressure gauges for these areas.

For processes like alkylation, where temperatures of over 400°C can be reached, a capillary tube can be mounted in front of the pressure gauge to reduce the temperature of the measuring device.

For applications with heavy oil or tar, the pressure gauges are installed on chemical seals adhering to the compatibility of the diaphragm material with the fluid. Baumer offers a wide range of materials like Monel, stainless steel or tantalum for these fields of use.

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