Tuesday, 23. September 2008

With the TB-Fix, Baumer’s product segment Process Instrumentation offers a clamp-on bimetal thermometer suitable for temperature measurements of liquids and gases in insulated pipes with maximal 2 inches diameter. The thermometer is especially suitable for heating, ventilation and air-condition. It is able to measure a temperature range from –20°C to up to 160°C.

Heat losses are an expensive issue. Therefore, the insulation of pipes carrying warm liquids is very important. However, the temperature should still be measurable and displayed for control. Ideally, this measurement can be achieved without any mechanical intervention at the pipe.

With the clamp-on bimetal thermometer TB-Fix, Baumer offers the ideal solution. Special bases in four sizes for insulations from 30 mm up to 110 mm enable a perfectly fitting installation at the pipe. The bases are mounted with an adequate hose clamp.

The bimetal thermometer with the appropriate length can be plugged in the base. The mounting parts allow a pre-installation during the construction whereas the thermometers are mounted into the base at the end of the process to avoid damages during the construction phase.

Due to a special calibration process to adjust the TB-Fix, the accuracy class 1 according to EN 13190 can be guaranteed in spite of the difficult heat transmission. The housing and the front ring are made of solid stainless steel.

The devices are available with 80 and 100 mm diameter. The ideal size can be chosen individually according to installation and reading distance.


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